How many times have you removed nail polish only to feel the skin around your nails become rough and dry? In an Allure report, cosmetic chemist Joseph Cincotta stated, “Typical nail polish removers use acetone as the main solvent. It's powerful and effective at dissolving and removing nail polish quickly, yet it has a strong chemical odor and is very harsh toward skin and nails.”


He finds that soy based removers condition and moisturize nails instead of drying them off.  He also found that they could strengthen nails through repeated usage and are less damaging to sensitive skin.  Not to mention due to the plant based solution, soy based removers are biodegradable and make a greener choice, a decision that should be impacting all of our buys in this day and age. Since these formulas have low vapor pressure, you are also less likely to breathe in the harsh chemicals that you unconsciously inhale when removing nail polish.


These are some of the factors we took into account when we decided to develop the Natural Nail Color Remover Pads, a healthy solution to the harsh and toxic acetone formulas on the market. As founder Branka Tomic states, “This revolutionary soy-based formula is designed to penetrate and moisturize the nails for an ultra hydrating experience”. The plant based formula has a unique blend of ingredients which nourish and strengthen your nails and cuticles instead of drying them out as an acetone based formulas do. This remover contains a blend of Vitamins A, C and E and pure jojoba oil. It is 100% plant based and biodegradable.


The 12 pre-moistened wipe package will launch April 20th, 2016 exclusively on and at participating retailers.