“Fashion is in everything we do in life. It is in being unique.
Fashion is in the details and we left no detail unturned in developing LVX.”

Branka has always had a love for nail polish. She believes it allows women to express their unique individuality and has the power to communicate personality and emotion through color. Her passion for sustainable products and the fashion industry allowed her to create a new and unique nail lacquer brand. LVX was founded and developed by siblings Branka and Rade Tomic. With Branka’s passion and expertise in fashion along with Rade’s business development experience, LVX was born.

With years of experience in business development, Rade’s expertise originates from his talent to develop and launch new products and companies. With a diverse background in the high-end automotive industry, he has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the importance of quality and image of prestige luxury products.

LVX’s goal is to create a deeply devoted nail polish brand that brings customers the feeling of exquisite luxury while evoking personal style. What Branka & Rade developed is a one of a kind nail lacquer that has a superior formula, is socially responsible and eco-friendly.

LVX brings you luxury and fashion without compromise.