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The holidays bring with them many great gifts - endless holiday parties, great food and if you were extra good this year, Santa may have brought you the entire FW16 LVX Collection. One of our favorite gifts that the designers begin to hand out around December are the gorgeous Pre-Fall Collections. This season they’ve whipped up some extra magic to start the year off on the right foot.




Chanel held their Métiers d'Art show in the newly renovated Ritz in Paris, an homage to their founder, Coco Chanel, who lived out her last days in the gorgeous hotel. The collection was less of a cohesive look and more prone to celebrating individual styles. Creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, remarked, “In those days, even to the ’60s, there were one or two designers who dictated what everyone wore. That is not the case today, when there are thousands of images of fashion available, so anyone can choose to wear what suits her.” So you heard that right ladies, Karl Lagerfeld is telling you to wear whatever you want to wear.




It seems we finally found a way to update athleisure into a more sophisticated sporty luxe look, where one doesn’t have to give up comfort for style. Donatella vibed into the athletic trend and made a collection that was sleek, powerful and chic. The collection introduced “barocco-flage”, a new print that mixes camouflage, animal print and baroque swirls into a modern look. With Versace’s use of color, cut and funky shoes, it’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t be wearing this collection all season.



Phillip Lim found inspiration in the form of infamous 80s London club Blitz and it’s frequent visitors. The collection is hauntingly beautiful, reminiscent of early Victorian fashion brought into modernity with new materials. The corset trend that we’ve been seeing pop up is cleverly sewn into this collection in the way of cinched waists in pants and expertly placed buttons on jackets and vests. However, as tight as the clothes can be, we see the juxtaposition in the flowiness of dresses and blouses showing that Lim is not afraid to take up space, both in designs and in the design world.




Our resident fashion environmentalist never fails to bring her A game, even with the amount of fabrics and material she refuses to use out of empathy and consciousness. She proves time and time again that caring about the planet, animal and fashion are allowed to go hand in hand. It seems there is a trend in more variety and less of a specific look at shows or designers are simply trying to appeal to greater amounts of customers each season. The collection was gorgeous from its fringe dresses to its tailored blazers and has me lusting over a red coat to match lips all winter long.



Josep Font could give me a trash bag with a bow and I’d wear it, but lucky for all of us, he has a lot more creativity than me. Season after season he never fails to make what I believe is the most surrealist and dreamy collections to grace the industry. With both bright and neutral cropped pant suits, tulle dresses, and ribbon mules, Josep made yet another collection to covet. We can expect to see his designs gracing the most stylish of fashion editors this coming AW17 season.



It wouldn’t be a fashion round up without including the reigning king Alessandro Michele and his vision of Gucci. We’re still mixing and matching prints, color, textures galore but some active wear was included this pre-season. Jogging pants in all shades and prints with the eponymous Gucci stripes made their appearance, as did cinching with a bag (the updated fanny pack if I dare). Gucci is not for the weak or those who prefer to not be in spotlight. However, for those of us who don’t mind the eyes, by all means wear the red velvet dress with a UFO embroidered on. It’s out of this galaxy good.

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