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5 Vacation Spots to Visit Before Labor Day

With the beginning of August, summer slowly begins to fade. However, there is still time for a quick escape. We put together a list of our favorite spur of the moment vacation spots:



#1 Key West, Florida


Known for its idyllic beaches and pastel colored houses, Key West is the perfect place for an end of the summer retreat! You can drive down from Miami and take in some of the most  breathtaking views in the entire country or fly to the island. Stay at the Sunset Key Cottages for major relaxation and you absolutely cannot leave without a visit to Ernest Hemingway’s house.


# 2 Laguna Beach, CA


Since the 00s are making a comeback why not make a trip out to the home of teen reality drama? Leaving classic love triangles aside, this coastal town makes for an ideal romantic getaway. Stay at the Laguna Beach House and test your balance paddle-boarding on Main Beach.


# 3 Charleston, South Carolina


Get ready for some Southern comfort and take in all Charleston has to offer. From fresh seafood to beautiful walking tours, this is one colonial city you can’t miss. For the real Southern hospitality, stay at the historic Wentworth Mansion, built in 1886. You can’t miss the famous Avenue of Oaks at the Boone Hall Plantation that took two centuries to form.


#4 Watch Hill, RI



Everyone does the Hamptons in the summer but how about venturing a bit further north to Watch Hill, RI. With the re-opening of the timeless Ocean House, built in 1868, it’s impossible not to conjure images of women wearing gloves to drink tea and men playing croquet on the lawn. Spent some time in this charming town, strolling up Bay Street and lounging in beach cabanas. For thrill seekers, there’s no place to sail like the Block Island Sound.


#5 Santa Fe, New Mexico


Only an hour drive from Albuquerque, Santa Fe is the southwest’s gem. Spend your time visiting art galleries including the museum of female artist Georgia O’Keefe, eat at local favorite The Shed, and hiking to see the inimitable Kasha-Katuwe tent rocks. Stay at the Inn of the Five Graces to experience a very unique aesthetic and enjoy the lounging in the courtyards.